Service Delivery Costs

All services that do not fall under basic and routine maintenance services will be billable to the department. These services include (but are not limited to) renovations, installations, non-routine custodial and painting, event support and services to department owned property.

For a listing of routine and chargeback services, visit our Maintenance and Chargeback Services page. If you have any questions please contact the Work Control Center at [email protected] or x4754.

Facilities Services’ labor rates are calculated annually and are approved by the AVP of Financial Operations.  Hourly labor rates for the current fiscal year by shop are:

Shop Hourly Rate
Carpenter $110.00
CoGeneration Plant $105.00
Custodial $61.00
Electrical $110.00
Garage $105.00
Inspector of Record $118.00
Irrigation $73.00
Landscape Services $63.00
Lock $114.00
Mechanical $110.00
Metal $114.00
Paint $104.00
Parking & Events $58.00
Plumbing $108.00
Projects & Contracts $124.00
Refrigeration $105.00
Signs & Graphics $85.00
Work Control $63.00

Report a Facility Emergency

To report a facility emergency, contact the Work Control Center immediately at (619) 594-4754. This number is answered 24/7.

Work Control Center

Non-Urgent Requests

All other non-urgent maintenance or department requests should be submitted using the Customer Request Portal.