Work control center

(619) 594-4754
[email protected]

Daryn Ockey

Executive Director
(619) 594-4967
[email protected]

Stephen Revelas

Associate Director of Operations
(619) 594-2409
[email protected]

meya alomar

Associate Director of Administration
(619) 594-4968
[email protected]


Associate Director, Housing Facilities Services
(619) 594-5615
[email protected]

Jaime Baro

Assistant Director of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
(619) 594-0529
[email protected]

Gabriel Silva

Associate Director of Custodial Services
(619) 594-2030
[email protected]

Chad Dragan

Work Control Manager
(619) 594-4755
[email protected]

Kandyce Hajosy

Manager of Landscape and Fleet
(619) 594-5033
[email protected]

Ramez Elsalman

Chief Engineer
(619) 594-1793
[email protected]

Michael Killian

Housing Custodial Manager
(619) 594-3009
[email protected]

Report a Facility Emergency

To report a facility emergency, contact the Work Control Center immediately at (619) 594-4754. This number is answered 24/7.

Work Control Center

Non-Urgent Requests

All other non-urgent maintenance or department requests should be submitted using the Customer Request Portal.