Student Organization Event Support

There will be no charge for events M-F 3:30am-7:00pm that do not require clean up. Clean up will be charged for the actual time at $56/hour.

Please contact the Work Control Center at (619) 594-4754 or [email protected] with any questions.

Any events that fall outside of M-F 3:30am-7:00pm M-F will incur Facilities Services fees based on the following:

  • Work orders are to be submitted using the Event Support option in the Customer Request Portal.
  • There will be no charge for unlocking/locking rooms.
  • Clean up, if required, will be charged at actual costs at $56/hour.
  • If adequate staffing is not on campus and overtime is required to clean up after weekend/after hours events, there will be a four-hour minimum charge of $224.
  • To avoid clean up fees, please clean the space after use and remove all food and/or food waste.
  • Events that take place outdoors or that require additional services (i.e. water or electrical hookups) will be charged for the additional services.  With adequate lead time estimates may be provided.

One of the following funding sources is required for all work orders (even those that may not have charges associated with them) -

  • Associated Students bank number
  • University Oracle account number
  • Organization’s Tax ID, Name, Address and Phone number
  • Name, mailing address, RedID and phone number of the person responsible for the invoice (least preferred method as the individual is responsible).

Invoices will be provided for payment for work orders funded by any method other than a University Oracle account number.