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If you are reporting a facility emergency, call the Work Control Center at (619) 594-4754 immediately. All other non-urgent maintenance or department requests should be submitted online using the Customer Request Portal link below.

Outages & notifications

Facilities Services strives to provide as much notice as possible for any outages or work notifications.

Date Affected Buildings Notification
January 18 - February 20 Student Services East and Student Services West HVAC controls upgrade - The contractor will be accessing the ceiling spaces throughout SSE and SSW to install conduits and controls wiring. The work will include opening the ceilings, working off ladders, moving furniture as needed, and staging materials in the work area. The ceilings will be opened and could remain open for up to 3 days as needed. The work will progress through the building/suites, as work is completed the ceilings will be closed and areas cleaned. Access will be required to various locations in the suites to include open areas, reception areas, offices, and break rooms. The contractor will be using battery powered hand tools for the work with some louder work to install anchors.

January 19 - February 2

Adams Humanities

The Adams Humanities supply fan serving the south side of the first floor (AHU-5) has failed. Another shaft must be manufactured, resulting in an interruption of at least 2 weeks. AH first floor south side will not have ventilation/cooling/heating.  Updates will be provided as information is available.

January 30 - February 2

Lamden Hall

Cooling Tower maintenance due to annual cleaning.  Occupants on the fourth floor may have minor noise from pressure washers on the roof, and minor foot traffic in the hallways.

February 8 - 9

Dramatic Arts

Steam system shutdown affecting entire Dramatic Arts building in order to perform asbestos abatement in mechanical room #1. The entire building will be without heat for the duration of the work. All asbestos work will be confined to room #1, and will be done under approved containment by certified and licensed personnel.

February 18

North Art

Air Handler 2 will be scheduled off to perform maintenance in mechanical room 318A in order to repair failed plumbing infrastructure inside mechanical room 318A. Air handler 2 will need to be powered down. There will be no cooling, heating, and ventilating in the building during the interruption.

February 18 (new date)

South Life Science, Growth Chamber, and Hardy Tower

Installation and tying in of electrical feeders (wire) into the main switchgear at South Life Science.  Power will be completely shut down to the South Life Science building. Temporary generators will be set up to power ONLY the Growth Chamber and critical pieces of equipment in SLS. Elevators at SLS and Hardy Tower will be out of service during the shutdown. Occupants must turn off and unplug any non-critical equipment and/or computers in SLS and Growth Chamber prior to the shutdown.

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